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Would you like to Reduce Corporate Video Production?

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Would you like to create a corporate video? Good idea! Corporate video is easily the most effective marketing and communications tool open to any company and it is way too frequently underutilised and discarded because of companies mistakenly thinking it’s costly and overpriced. With video growing some companies sales for example stacksandstacks.com by 64% by using video promotion it is a question everybody isn’t using video!

Odds are your studying this since you still believe that corporate video is costly.

Well you are not wrong.

You’re also most likely studying this because you do not have an enormous marketing budget to invest all on a single 90 second video. Well I will tell you more details on how corporate video doesn’t have to become costly, in addition to save some cash. It just takes a few minutes to see the remainder of this short article along with a couple of hrs of your time.

Now firstly corporate video isn’t ‘cheap’ rather than ever is going to be. Sure, budget videos exist and you may spend less than a couple of hundred pounds on the corporate video. But believe me – that isn’t a good move. Rather of considering video as costly you rather may need to look in the roi you’re gaining. You might spend £2,500 on the 90 second professionally created marketing video for instance. A properly considered story and also the right production techniques could easily see an additional £5,000 price of sales that month just from people viewing your video, inducing the video having to pay by itself.

You may be thinking but why not a £700 video? Surely which will still work but simply less well?


A £700 video is more prone to appear poor and badly created and therefore contrary it is more probably to lessen sales because of damaging your brand status and putting prospective customers off. So £2500 may appear just like a lot from context, but simply consider the roi it might provide – it’s cheap whenever you consider it.

So, to summarise taking a budget corporate video isn’t the method for saving money or bring success for your business. Good quality video production will pay for itself!

Right, so how do you cut costs then?

It is so simple. All that you should do is preparation. Then chances are you aren’t an experienced cameraman and editor having a career price of experience, therefore we both know this really is best left to some professional video producer, you’re in the end hiring them for any reason.

However, there’s something which you’ll do Pre-Production. Included in any video production project a relevant video producer is going to be needed do some type of pre-production. This pre-production process establishes a script, that is then damaged lower right into a storyboard with every individual scene highlighted. Came from here, cameramen, video editors and company directors will also be organised in addition to props along with other assets.

Pre-production needs time to work and will also be something will having to pay for inside your video production budget. But, it’s something that can be done yourself. After some creative influence and a few extensive research it is simple to think of a choice of scripts along with a storyboard to assist convey your message for your preferred audience.

Now i’m not suggesting you discard your video producer in the process completely. In the finish during the day they’re still prone to convey more experience than you in creating compelling and efficient content. However by cooperating you will gain a tiny bit of their input after which produce a script and storyboard of the video that the video producer may then use yourself on and add and take away parts where necessary. This will make the recording producers existence simpler, puts you in charge and cuts your costs.

If you are hunting for the best corporate video Singapore, there is no place like Sonder Studios- A Creative Video Production Agency. They know their job very well, as their corporate video comprises of interviews by directors, vibrant visuals of the company at work and satisfied customers.

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