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When to choose black/white images over coloured?

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Good product images always matter whether it’s a blog, product or service website. Coloured images have their own charm but sometimes, black and white fits good. They might always be a strong option but black and white makes an image looks classy for sure. Such images are also a powerful representation of your artistic nature.

Coloured vs. black and white can sometimes be a tough choice. How do you know when black and white will look good for sure? Here are a bunch of tips that will help you decide:

The impact of colour on the image

Sometimes, colours in an image can detract the interest of a person from a photograph. So, before you leave it coloured, ask yourself does the image rely on the colour or are there other aspects that need emphasis? If taking away the colours will make people appreciate other aspects of the image, then make it black and white, otherwise, leave it coloured.

Does the image have contrasts or an interesting light?

Some new photographers might face difficulty in sensing contrasts or light in an image but don’t worry, this skill develops with experience. You will have to force yourself to look past the apparent.

If removing colours from the image make you appreciate the light and dark colours that means the image will look good without them. It is these differences in the tone that make a black and white image actually good. When a subject gives you the opportunity to exploit its contrast or light or dark shadow, it should be left black and white.

Look for interesting textures

Texture is something that we experience through the sense of touch but things are a different when it comes to photography. In photography, you can perceive texture through your eyes and you can tell if it is rough, coarse or smooth. An image that is visually tangible looks best in black and white. Examples of textures that can be recognized in black and white include wood, stone, metals, human skin and plants. The directional light on the image actually helps in emphasizing the texture.

It depends on the mood too

Whether to choose black and white or a coloured image also depends on the type of mood you want to create. Wondering what mood here means? It is the feeling of being struck by how a picture feels. Such images are mostly sunset or a rainy scene. So,whenever you want to convey a mood, use a black and white image.

There are now variations of black and white available like monochrome. Sometimes, an image can be best appreciated in black and white. Sometimes, the only reason an artist creates black and white image is to increase the experience of the user, make them explore the essential ingredients of the image like its texture, forms, main object or composition. If you want to give a timeless quality to your image, then just leave it in black and white. If it is connected to the traditions or roots of classic photography, it will become a visual delight for your audience.

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