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Tips To Take Your Product Photography to the Next Level

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Unique product photographs result from professional product photography. They are used for full page features in advertisements or catalogs for major brands. Although product photographers follow the most significant rules, they are likely to break rules at some point. They want to provide unique photos that your competitors cannot follow. Creating high-quality product images requires your preparedness to take the plunge. Considering the following tips can take your product photography to the next level:

Give More Light to the Backdrop

A clean white background is perfect for product shots to make the object look like it is floating. Use a professional screen or a big white sheet of paper for the backdrop. However, make sure there is light directed to the backdrop. While you may pay attention to lighting the object, remember to light the backdrop to enhance quality. This can also make it easier to make a pure white effect and reduce the time it takes to edit your final images. Just make sure you do not mix various types of lights since they have varying temperatures and may cast different colors on your product when you shoot them.

Be Creative with Product Placement

To come with a product image that really shines, put the product above a reflected surface. Reflection provides some extra depth to a boring photo. Consider using photo manipulation when reflecting the image on water. Lighting can also help in improving the reflection.

Add Personality

For more appeal, consider humanizing products in your photo or make a story surrounding it. The idea is to give it character. Consider what will make your client’s product better or different from the products of their competitors. Your photo must portray this aspect of the product that the brand is famous for.

Ignore the Built-in Flash

Cameras are designed with a built-in flash which, when used, can create a harsh light that makes the final image having unflattering hotspots or shadows. While the flash can be great for triggering a set of light, they should not be used alone to avoid creating bad product photography.

Take it Slowly

It is normal to try to do things quickly; however, patience is important in product photography. You need this trait to come with high-quality images. Make sure you prepare the right equipment and set up it up properly. Also, take time to ensure your products are clean which means no fingerprints and any types of marks.

Product photography and be challenging and time-consuming. You may think of settling for something below your standards just for the sake of having images you can use for marketing. It is understandable that managing your supply chain, dealing with customer service and ensuring the quality of your products is not easy. But, you don’t have to take product photography on your own. Hiring professional photographers ensures that an expert is taking care of your photography needs. The professional will take the stress off your shoulder to let you concentrate on other important aspects of your business.

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