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Stunning Night Wedding Ideas

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While a wedding is simply a romantic idea no matter when you have it, a wedding at night just adds something extra to the whole feel of it. How can you not be sent into spins of romantic dreams when you see a backyard lit up with sparkly little twinkle lights as the bride walks through a parade of night lights?

But, of course, some night wedding ideas are better than others. If you plan it wrong you could simply end up with a ceremony in the dark that nobody can see and everyone tripping over the furniture. Because lighting is so important, it is key to planning a night wedding to have lasting impact and still be practical enough to get everyone through the night without injury. Here are a couple of night wedding ideas you may just want to steal for that romantic night of your own.

Sparkle It Up

Have you ever watched a bunch of kids on the Fourth of July with sparklers in hand, playing? They will giggle and write their names and draw pictures with light. You can inspire the same kind of giggly fun at your own wedding if you use the kind of giant wedding sparklers you can find at the Sparklers Online store. They can do everything from light up a wedding cake to light up a room. When you use these specialty sparklers to add some pizzazz to your wedding, you can bet that a few of the bridesmaids will be writing their groom-to-be’s name in true high school crush fashion.

Tent It Up

While you may not be a big fan of tents, the kind you use for a wedding at night are a very different animal from the smelly canvas tents you use when you go camping. So, don’t get them confused with those. Think more of a circus or Arabian Nights, when you think of these tents. They can be decorated to resemble almost anything, from a fairy tale wedding location to a rustic gathering of friends and family.

Starry Starry Night

It wasn’t just Vincent that loved this phrase, it is perfect for a wedding at night! You can make paper stars and hang them from the trees to give a wonderful starry night setting. Add to this the theme of stars for each table with a scattering of tiny silver stars on the midnight blue tablecloths. Mix in some starry candles for the guests, and you have a great theme that can go just about anywhere.

Over the Moon

Instead of stars, how about a moon theme for your night wedding? Big paper moons add whimsy and moonlight is a sure fire romantic way to light up the reception. Be sure to include that romantic moon in your wedding invitations to give them the hint of a night time wedding adventure.

Night Weddings are Romantic

Are you beginning to get the picture? A night wedding can be twice as romantic when you play up all of these themes to add to the mood. Stars and moons, night skies and romance in a big tent. Sparklers that light up our faces and romance that lights up the night. Get yourself in the mood and you will begin to see there are endless possibilities for a midnight romantic wedding.



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