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Passion for Photography and How Ram Chary Reads It

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The creative mind has endless routes to expression, to name a few, you could exhibit it through dancing, singing, performing arts, drawing, painting, sculpting or photography. Photography may not have been very popular in the past, but the present trends reveal the enormous popularity of fame, which leads to the rise of several good photographers such as Ram Chary a photographer and graphic designer based in Boston.

Going by its definition, photography could be called both a science as well as an art, by which durable images are created by recording electromagnetic radiation. The two ways of doing this are either chemically wherein a light sensitive material called the photographic film is used, or it can be done electrically by the use of an image sensor. Photography has worldwide acclaim, Las Vegas is a place replete with ace photographers.

Engagement of Photography and How Ram Chary Believes It Works

Though a lot of people do indulge in taking photographs, thanks to the mobile phones some of which are specially designed for this purpose; but not everyone knows what photography is all about. As mentioned earlier, photography as an art has certain essential tools that will be required to produce a masterpiece. It is these essentials that Ram Chary a photograph enthusiast has mastered over the years and continues to do so, because he is so passionate about it.

For photography, you need to have something called visual literacy, in common language you could call this to be the ‘eye of a photographer’. Not everyone can discern correctly what can become a subject of photography, and decide how the photograph needs to be taken in order to be able to convey your vision to the viewer. You have to literally seek a subject! It could be the most mundane thing, but it should always convey a very unique perspective of the photographer.

You have to have the thinking capacity beyond the scene that this there is front of you, remember that what you are seeing is three dimensional, but when it reaches the viewers it will have lost one dimension and become two dimensional, which has a huge effect on creating the effect of the photograph. In order to make your perspective clear to the viewer you will have to comprehend the perspective of the viewer and take the photograph accordingly.

So, what you basically need to achieve is a visual impact on the viewer, which can be attained by bringing together the concepts of composition, proportion, balance, focus, texture and rhythm. Of these, composition which entails the arrangement of the objects of different shapes and sizes happens to be the most important aspect.

Just as you would compose a song, or a poem, a photograph too needs to be composed with the appropriate things at the appropriate positions, in a way that will awaken the aesthetic appeal of the viewer.  The most common stance of taking a photograph is holding the camera at the eye level, but you could see wonders happen to your photograph if you slightly change that.

No matter what kind of expressive art you are passionate about, what needs to be there during its execution is a whole lot of innovativeness, and you will surely end up making masterpieces.

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