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Important Details to Consider in an Asian Wedding

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Asians in general have a very rich culture. This is reflected in weddings. If you have witnessed an Asian wedding before, you will know it looks exquisite. Everything seems like it came out of a fictional book. From the dresses to the dishes, Asian weddings are amazing.

Another reason why Asian weddings look that way is because most parents are very conservative. They want tradition to be followed. They want it to be passed on from one generation to another. Here are some important considerations when it comes to Asian weddings.


You can’t just go to an Asian wedding wearing your usual formal wear for a wedding. In some cases, they require you to wear their traditional costumes. You will be out of place if you don’t wear one. The couple might even provide these if you are planning to attend the ceremony.


Asian dishes are sumptuous. They have a unique taste. They are also known around the world for their herbs and spices. You can’t just have boring dishes served during an Asian wedding. Everything has to be perfect. For certain Asian cultures, there are specific foods that should really be there based on tradition.


There are very conservative families that still follow traditions. Some millennials change these traditions and come up with a more modern twist. Nevertheless, they exist. It also has something to do with the religion of the family, which should be given emphasis. Older guests will be very attentive when it comes to rituals and they might have a lot of negative words to say if they are not followed properly.


When it comes to Asian wedding venues, you need to plan carefully. There will be hundreds or even thousands of people attending the event. In some cultures, the wedding can even go on for days. There should be appropriate venues for different parts of the rituals. There should also be enough space to accommodate the guests. If they are staying for several nights, there should be accommodation options that are easy for them to access. Some of them might even travel long distances just to be there for the wedding. They have to be satisfied once they arrive.

If you are getting married following authentic Asian traditions, it could be fun and colourful. It is also very stressful. There are a lot of details you need to consider. You should plan ahead of time. List all the guests you will invite. Be ready to spend a lot of money. Once everything goes as planned, it could be the most memorable wedding, not just for you, but for many of the guests whom you have invited. Make the most of your heritage.

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