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How to Get Your Wedding Photography

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If you’ve been working on your art and shooting amazing weddings, you’re probably itching to share your images with the world. You might also be hoping to reap the benefits of increased exposure. Are you ready to have your wedding photography published?

All over the wedding industry, there are publications – magazines, blogs and websites – looking for incredible images to publish.

Step 1: Connect with Your Colleagues

As a professional photographer, you have unmatched opportunities to partner with all of the other vendors who provide services for weddings and see your work spread like wildfire. Every vendor who contributes a product or service to a wedding needs high quality images for marketing and promotion. You are in high demand and can make that work for your business.

Before you start distributing finished images to anyone who asks, carefully consider who your target market is. Identify those businesses that are highly reputable, and that serve the demographic you want to attract. You want your pictures on great websites with partners with whom you can grow your business.

For better or worse, prospective customers will associate you with the businesses that publish your images, so make careful choices, but be generous with those that make the cut. Investing your time and product can reap huge rewards and get you noticed.

Step 2: Welcome Clients Who Want to Be Published

It’s likely that your contract already grants you permission to publish images of your couples’ weddings for commercial purposes, but it’s a lot easier when your couple not only consents, but participates.

Before you can submit your images to magazines and blogs, you’ll need to gather some information about their love story, their wedding experience, and even their thoughts about their Big Day. Some, though not all, publishers will even require confirmation that the couple still really wants to go public – starting with willing subjects makes everything much easier.

Step 3: Research Real Wedding Submission Guidelines

One of the most common and easiest paths to publishing is via real wedding submissions. Popular wedding websites like TheKnot and WeddingWire, as well as many blogs and magazines solicit images of weddings and couples’ stories year-round. Some end up published online. A more select few grace the pages of highly popular magazines.

Often a good internet search is all you need to find out what the specifications are for a publisher’s real wedding submissions. The specs might include image size, a complete vendor list, details about your couple, and important deadlines. Some sites focus on certain wedding details, like the next great bridal dress shot, while others feature photos from the entire wedding. Before submitting, you need to know what the publisher is looking for.

Identify your target publishers and research their requirements – if you can’t find what you need, search for the contact information for the publisher and ask.

Once you find the information, or while you are waiting for a response, get your first submissions ready. Choose images that give a good overall view of the day and the details, gather the necessary vendor information, and write up your couple’s unique love story.

Step 4: Build Publisher Relationships to Take Your Work to the Next Level

After you have secured your first few real wedding features, stay in touch with the publishers who featured you. Eventually, they will need more work, and your name will be top of mind!

Stepping into the world of wedding photography publishing is an exciting new step for your business. Follow these easy steps and get ready to make a splash!

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