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A List of Some Top Hen Party Ideas for a Fantastic Experience for the Bride

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Planning a hen party for your friend – the soon-to-be bride – can be quite daunting. You have a lot on your shoulders, for sure, and the planning and organising also come with making sure that the bride has a fantastic and fabulous time. Whether this is your first time planning a hen party or you’re already a veteran when it comes to planning this kind of event, you need some great ideas, so you can have an easier time choosing which hen party ideas would work best for the bride and her entourage. Here, then, is a list of some top hen party ideas for a wonderful, memorable experience for the bride – and for all her friends (including you).

  • A hen party photo shoot

Hen party photo shoots have become quite popular in recent times, and they’re made all the more fun as you get to choose the theme of your photo shoot. What’s more exciting than dressing up for a shoot in vintage outfits, retro outfits, punk outfits, and so on, and experimenting with different funny poses whilst sipping some champagne? It’s an experience worth remembering, and you have the great photos to prove it.

  • A cookery class

If your bride loves food and cooking, why not try to set up a cookery class for everyone? Foodie brides will certainly love this, especially if the class is taught by a professional chef. You can have your wine and bubbly whilst whipping up some delectable dishes to make the event even more exciting.

  • A scavenger and treasure hunt

One hen party idea which is also making waves is a scavenger and treasure hunt. This kind of activity is the ultimate in fun and thrills, and it allows you to get to know everyone else as well. Get everyone together, give them a set of clues as well as a map of the location of the hunt, and go. You can even make your scavenger and treasure hunt a kind of girls’ night out around town when you include some items in the list like a coaster from a particular bar or pub, a photo with a handsome stranger, a shot glass from another bar, and so on. Of course, the person with the best collection of treasures will win a special prize.

  • A cocktail-making class

The science of making cocktails is referred to as mixology, and your bride may love this kind of activity as well – after all, there’s nothing quite like a prelude to an exciting evening on the town than a bunch of cocktails for everyone. Who knows, you may even learn a thing or two about making and mixing the perfect cocktails that can wow your guests in the future.

  • A life drawing class

A life drawing class is definitely one of the more interesting hen party experiences you can ever have. In a hen party life drawing class you will be able to draw – from life, of course – a nicely-built male model for about an hour and a half, and this experience can even come complete with a butler service (with drinks for everyone) and shot games as well as personalised folders for the bride and her friends. Enjoy!

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