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5 Must Haves For Wedding Photographers

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Wedding photography is a competitive business, and it is essential that you shine above the others if you are looking to turn it into a living. Here are our five essential must haves for aspiring wedding photographers.

        1 – Equipment

As obvious as this may sound, there is no point in putting yourself out into the world as a business if you don’t have the equipment to pull it off. You will need a level of background knowledge of cameras and related tech in order to invest in the right brands and models.

It’s best to go for a high quality camera that will shoot in as many megapixels as you can afford with wedding photography. There are also camera which will give you better results in bad light and will pick up faces better than others.

            2 – Attitude

There is literally no point in attempting to be a wedding photographer if you lack the right attitude. This includes the entire process, from setting up your business to your customers’ wedding day.

Wedding photography is a hard business to be really successful in, and so you shouldn’t head into it without being aware of this, and sure that you are willing to put in the work needed.

You will have to dedicate time to putting yourself out into the market, and this involves forging good relationships with others in the business, as well as in the world of wedding planning. This is the best way to build contacts and a reputation.

With customers, you must be supportive of their ideas and wishes, and take time for them to enjoy their day without encroaching too much. It’s a fine balance between this and getting the job done well, and to the customers’ satisfaction.

            3 – Marketing

Being able to tell people who and where you are is an obvious must in the wedding photography business, and there are several ways to do this.

You should have a website – even a small one to put up your best work – and this should have immediate contact details such as a mobile number and an email address.

To go alongside this, Facebook and Instagram are brilliant platforms in which you can build a customer base that is likely to review and recommend you to others.

Business cards are also a must, especially if you are marketing yourself in person at wedding fairs or in your own office/studio space. Don’t make them minimalist or too artistic. Make them clear, and showcase a picture or two in the background if you can.

            4 – Time

The last thing you will want to do in wedding photography is let people down. If wedding photography is a part time job on the side, or even a hobby, there’s no point in offering the service to customers if you are doing a main job that requires a lot of your time, or is reluctant to support you.

Similarly, be dedicated to the one couple that have booked you for their day. Be prepared to stay with the party until late, and never, ever book two customers in the same day. The wedding photography is not just for the ceremony, it is for the rest of the couple’s lives.

            5 – Talent

Talent can be a natural thing in wedding photography, but it can also be learned. If you are keen enough to learn the business and want to get better, ask friends and family to model for you as a favour, or offer to do the photography for the latest get together. This will help in all aspects of your own particular style and flair.

Learn how your equipment works, and how the world of wedding photography revolves, and you should be well on your way to a successful business.

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